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Sometimes the supply teacher journey can be a bit isolating and lonely.

Teacher QuoteYou might meet an occasional supply teacher in passing and can share a few tales and experiences. But mostly you turn up, do the work, and vanish at the end of the day.

Occasionally you might visit a school again or maybe never. It might be you choose not to go back. After all you can decide.

Changes in the school might dictate whether you go back: the NQT teacher is no longer an NQT; there might be changes in staff roles; the school could choose to sort out their own cover; maybe the school has changed to another supply teaching agency.teacher quote

Sometimes the supply agency will feed back and tell you whether the school liked you, but it is more often, no news is good news.

There will always be a few moans on the way, after all you don’t know the class; you don’t know their levels; you may not understand the planning or scheme of work.

supply teacherBut what about you?

Does anyone ask you for your feedback?

Were you welcomed and shown around the school?

Was the work clearly set? Were the resources ready and available?

Did the staff say hello or even goodbye?

Were you supported?

Yes. It can be a lonely job.

teachers qotesBut, if you ask me, I would say, being a supply teacher, you just have to do the task set. Your main role is keeping the class calm. And to me that’s the way I like it.

However, there are times when you might just like to be spoken too. To see someone at the end of the day when you leave.

Luckily for me, it is always the children who welcome me and talk, even if it is about Lego.

2019 Spring Term certainly was full of ups and downs but at least quicker to get going than September.

A visit to a school from years ago and there was a familiar book in the book box, my book.Book Box

Near or far, schools with friendly greeting.

“I am so glad to see you. You really made my day!” said the morning teaching assistant. Followed by an afternoon cover where the teacher later moaned, “You didn’t mark the books!” I certainly did. I think i might need my own marking system next time!

Lego LadyThe half-term finished with two new schools both were quite far away. In both cases I had agreed a second visit to maintain continuity for the class. In both these schools I received a delightful and cheery welcome. And then a ‘Thank you,’ from the headteacher. ‘You certainly inspired the class.’

I still think it was the Lego.

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