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During a recent weeks visit to a school with Year 6, I was able to fill a few gaps with snippets of information about buses, books and rain-sticks. This got the children’s attention and they asked questions and listen to my tales.

As a supply teacher I have visited quite a few schools. I always leave a copy of my book wherever I go and undertake the work as set by the class teacher.I knew this school already had my Jay-Jay book and some of the children in the class really liked knowing about the real bus. There were ones who knew about Bewbush with parents who might know the original Playbus.

At the end of the week I finished and said goodbye. Will I ever see them again I always wonder!? Who knows, that is the nature of Supply, here one minute gone the next.

They decided to use their end of the week time to write me some letters:-

Lilys PlaybusSophia wrote “I was amazed to know that you were an author! I have had so much fun this week! For a supply teacher and not really knowing much about the school you have handled us so well and made this week fun. I love your books and find them interesting. Thank you so much for teaching us we have learnt so much.”

“We were expecting a boring teacher but we got Mrs Wickstead” said Lily.“I really like your books and the adventures that the characters go in them. I was inspired by you and your books.”

“We really liked how imaginative your stories are. The best thing is you’re caring and you’re an AUTHOR!” agreed Owen and Vraj together.

“Best author and best Supply teacher ever” said Kalum. “Thank you for teaching us this week!” Supersonic Bus

Thea's busThea wrote, “This week has been so much fun because you are an author.”

Lily-Beth drew a great picture of me on top of the bus. “Thank you for everything!” she wrote. (Hope I don’t fall off the bus!)Lily-Beth

I loved it that you were a different kind of teacher suggested Mohammed.

Normally a supply will just sit there but with you your entertaining and you can read us books while we work especially because they are your own books. Thank you Lego Lady.

Thank you! It really was a pleasure to meet Year 6 and I am glad they enjoyed my visit. It is great to be appreciated but most of all it is great that they liked the unexpected author visit!

So will Jay-Jay go on a 'Space Adventure' next? they asked.

Well this is the school with the 'Space Buses' so I suppose I had better think about it.

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